Experian Intelliscore Plus Credit Risk Management

Xactus’ extensive, predictive data helps companies better manage and control risk by enabling them to make faster and more sound credit decisions.

Predict risk using advanced analytics

With Intelliscore Plus, you can sort and manage accounts easily with score segmentation and improve financial performance by reducing write-offs and delinquencies. It will even help you predict accounts that have the potential to go 90+ days delinquent.

Expedite credit decisions

Intelliscore Plus from Experian allows you to quickly access Experian’s wide range of trade, collection, public record and firmographic data. It uses three analytic approaches to provide credit risk management insights for small businesses:

  • Business data
  • Business and consumer data on the owner/guarantor
  • Consumer-data-only model for new enterprises with no business or credit histories

Leverage the power of third-party verified data

Xactus also offers Experian’s BizSource database which contains only third-party-verified data for superior reliability. Combined with revolutionary search-and-match technology, BizSource works behind Intelliscore Plus V2 to ensure that the data feeding the scoring model is accurate, comprehensive and current.

Start using Intelliscore Plus today!